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Oily skin can be a bit of a nightmare, especially in the Summer time as makeup seems to just slip right off. I've built up a bit of a shine proof  makeup stash that helps my skin stay as oil free and protected as possible throughout the Summer days.

As a base I use Garnier's Moisture Match Mattifying Moisturiser to keep my skin moisturised but to stop the oil from becoming overwhelming and making my makeup slide off. On top of that I have been using Benefit's POREfessional primer since February just because I bought it and have loved it ever since, it's really good at blurring out and smoothing over my pores without clogging them up and it's never caused me to breakout and it's also very good at mattifying my skin. As a base during the Summer I tend to use something a little lighter that foundation and have been opting for a BB cream. The BB cream I'm using is Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Light and even though it has mixed reviews, for me it's been really good. My skin is oily and I do also own the Oily skin version but that ones a bit hit and miss for me, some days I love it and others I hate it, it's really starnge. I remember last year it was my absolute go to BB cream but this year I've mostly disagreed with it and I'm not sure why or what I'm doing differently!

After I've put my base on I use Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent to set everything and keep the oils at bay and this is a cult Rimmel product so you probably know all about it it really is as good as everyone says and it never goes cakey on me. During the day to keep the shine away as much as possible I touch up with L'Oreal Paris Nude Magique BB Powder in Light which says it has 8 hours of mattifying power but I disagree although it is really good, but that's for a separate post. I mainly use this powder as it doesn't go cakey, has a little bit of coverage and also the compact has a mirror in it which is handy for on the go to just pop in my bag. I also use Kleenex Blotting Papers to take away the excess oil during the hotter days and they are relatively on the cheap side and also are easy to just pop into my bag which is great for me as I'm not a huge "touching my makeup up" person so I rarely pack a full makeup bag to go into my bag on a day to day basis unless I'll be out all day/have to redo my makeup completely.

I hope this helped those of you out there with oily skin like mine and even if you don't have oily skin maybe it can help you in some way too!

Let me know you thoughts in the comments!

Love Alicia x

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  1. I love that BB cream - perfect for the warm weather, RT brushes are great as well for buffing in the product! I just followed your blog :) xo

  2. Hey! Just wanted to write a comment to say hello and that I love your blog :) I'm now following you! Have a lovely day xx

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