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We all want luscious hair that feels thick and smooth and reflects the sun like diamond encrusted silk - or something equally as shiny, bit of an OTT metaphor, eh?

I got my hair cut for the first time in 5 years on my 21st birthday, it was a terrifying moment. I have a great fear of hairdressers ever since one cut my hair off, about 7 inches of it, when I asked for a "trim" and I've never been able to grow my hair out since, even having it grow out for 5 years didn't sort that out, which made me deeply sad. 

However I am now enjoying my shoulder length hair and just want it to be healthy rather than long and I'm sure in time my hair will grow as it becomes healthier. When I went back to the hairdressers - after said lengthy period - the hairdresser advised me to do a few things which were 1) get regular cuts whenever the ends feel a little dry 2) always use a heat protectant if using heat tools, otherwise try to avoid heat tools when I can 3) use a hair oil, mainly Argan or Moroccan. 4) Use heat protectant when the weather is very warm 5) never use bobbles with the metal tabs on them 6) always condition the ends, not the roots.

I have taken on board her advice and bought a few things to renew my hair! The shampoo & conditioners that I use are really basic. Sometimes I go all out and buy Toni and Guy (For blondes) range or sometimes I just buy drugstore/supermarket basics like VO5 Smoothly Does It (which is what I'm using now) They both do good for my hair but the Toni and Guy one keeps my hair smoother for longer were as the VO5 one keeps my hair smooth for about 2 days then the weather tends to take its toll and my hair goes a little dry.

Once a week I also use a L'Oreal Preference or Clairol Deep Conditoners, these usually come with hair dyes but I never use them with the hair dyes, I use my own conditioner, so I save them up for uses in between dyes. I put these on after shampoo and before my normal conditioner and I put them all over my hair. With my normal conditioner e.g VO5, I just put this on the ends.

After I've washed my hair I apply the Argan Oil of Morocco by OGX and the L'Oreal 3 Day Straight & Anti Frizz Hot Smooth Cream and then brush through it with my Tangle Teezer before blow drying. I apply another heat protectant before straightening which is the LOreal 3 Day Straight Heat Protectant.

When the hair is straight I run a teeny tiny amount of oil through the ends whenever they start to feel a little dry just to revive them and give them extra moisture as they don't get any of the natural hair oils.

That's basically everything I do and my hair has been feeling really soft and thick recently, so hopefully it's working and my hair continues to be healthier!

What do you use on your hair? Let me know in the comments.

Love Alicia x

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