The Monday Matter #16


Makeup Revolution Everyone must have heard of Makeup Revolution by now, right? Well, in the blogosphere. I have bought a fair few things from the budget beauty brand and recently I bought the two palettes pictured above, which despite the price tag are surprisingly good quality!

Bblonde I've been striving for brassy and orange free blonde hair for a while now because it's difficult for me to get rid of these tones due to my natural hair colour which is sort of a dirty, golden blonde (meaning I have ginger/red undertones) My usual hair tone (Provoke Touch Of Silver) was turning my hair more grey than blonde, which I guess is in the name... "silver" but I was really striving for a more ashy/platinum colour and this toner worked wonders for me. The only downfall was the lack of product as my hair is fairly thick and there wasn't enough in the pot to do my entire head.

Pineapples I have gone Pineapple print crazy, when I saw these shorts on the Missguided website I was instantly obsessed with how cute they are. I even found matching high waisted bikini bottoms to go with them on the Bank Fashion website. Score!

The Ugly Shoe Trend I recently posted on these shoes and how much I love them but how ugly they look, no matter how much you love sliders you can't deny they're a bit granny, or is it just me? The only thing is the uncomfortable-ness of them at first but after a while they're super wearable. Oh and did anyone know that they're not ALL called "Birkenstocks" and that Birkenstocks is actually a BRAND that started this shoe style? I'm so clueless.

Getting my tan on I never usually fake tan. I often go through phases were I overly tan and have a bad experience or I tan and it goes wrong and then I just stop for ages. I've recently delved back into gradual tanning and I used to use the Garnier Summer Body but the smell really puts me off so now I've opted for Dove Summer Body which I've heard really good things about. I also bought a body scrub and the body mist to go with it (not fake tan related) because I NEVER exfoliate properly or regularly which I know is bad but I'm lazy. The Mango one smells AMAZING and it's really good at scrubbing the dead skin cells off. It has a bit of an oily residue afterwards but once the skin dries it leaves a moisturised feel. I've decided to get a bit of a faux tan as I'm going camping for the weekend which will involve a bikini and shorts and so on so I don't want to be so white that my skin reflects the sun and blinds everyone, I want a little bit of colour!

That's my week in review - how has your week been? Let me know in the comments!

Love Alicia x

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  1. I love the pineapple shorts, so cute!

    1. Thanks! They're so cool aren't they? haha xxx


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