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This weekend me and some friends took the time to go camping and take some time out from reality to just kick back and relax in the sun.

I think this is a really important thing to do as sometimes things can all get a bit overwhemling and you can really settle into a routine. Don't get me wrong, routine can be good, but it's nice to break routine and get out and do something once in a while.

The place we went to was Shell Island in Llandbedr, Gwynedd and it's a cute little island especially for camping were I got hardly any service and didn't buy the wifi for the exact reason that I didn't want to be on my phone or on Instagram/twitter all day. I wanted to relax and not think about work, general life and just chill out in the sun.

We spent most of our day times just chilling sitting around talking and going down to the pub on the island. Then come the night time we decided to go back to the camp and we all drank and got a bit rowdy and light a fire and sat together just laughing and it was super fun, even though it wasn't abroad I didn't ever want to leave!

I always find when going on holiday or for a short break the relaxation just really brings out the best side of you and you just seem to become so much happier and so much more of yourself comes through, at least with me anyway. I find when I've gotten in a routine of going to work and coming home everyday for so long that I just get so bored I become cranky, so it's nice to have that break once in a while.

I tried a few things that I've never been brave enough to do before when I went on my little break, like skinny dipping, don't worry it was pitch black and we were all a bit drunk but it was so funny and such a good memory that I'm really glad I did it and didn't chicken out this time!

I already can't wait to go on another break!

Love Alicia x

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