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Olive Bar and Restaurant - Liverpool

Despite not having a huge amount of photos, or any of the actual place, I just felt I had to hare my experience of this restaurant as it was above and beyond my expectations.

My boyfriends, our friend and I ventured out to this restaurant on a Wednesday afternoon to grab a bite to eat as we were hungover but craving something half decent and what we got was definitely more than half decent.

We found this little restaurant just off the Liverpool One site (up the top near the crown court) and decided to go in as our friend had a 40% off the total bill membership card deal and I was really craving pasta.

The restaurant itself is underground, you go in through the door at street level and are immediately met by some stairs taking you down into the bar/restaurant which has an open kitchen and is really quite spacious, the whole restaurant was filled with Italian aromas, I was in heaven being that Italian is definitely a top contender for my favourite type of food.

The is also an outside eating area just by the front door, if you prefer to take your drinks/food outside which is a lovely idea, but on that day I didn't really feel like it.

When we got in I ordered Carbonara with Smoked Pancetta and a nice glass of chilled lemonade with a slice of lemon in it and we ordered some garlic bread for us all to share. When the meals come out the waiter or waitress will cover over with some Parmesan cheese and over it up, I'm always up for a bit of that so I definitely got some and I'm so glad I did.

The meal was amazing and it was probably one of the best Carbonara's I'd ever had and the service was so so friendly. The fact that this place is also a bar makes me definitely want to go there for a pre-night out meal and have a few glasses of wine before I venture into the night.

Have you ever visited the Olive Press Room Restaurant? They also have a Manchester location!

Love Alicia x

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