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Happy National Lipstick Day!

Today I bring you a haul of the lipstick kind. I recently went on two trips to Boots and bought a fair few products but today, seeing as it is National Lipstick Day I will only share with you the lipsticks I bought and save the other beauty products for a bigger haul post.

A lot of the lipsticks I bought were on a deal in Boots so 3 for 2 or buy one get one half price which is why I got so many, I've also thrown in some lip liners and other lip products int his post just because well, it national lipstick day so anything lipstick related goes right?

First off I'll start with the Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayons, £7.99 each. I got all four colours (that were available in my local Boots) which are (L-R Picture above) Fuchsia Libre, Orange Punch, Red Sunrise and Peach on the Beach. I've never even read about them or thought about buying them until Bourjois had the 3 for 2 on so I got some. They're a long wear, super moisturising lip colour in the form of a crayon, similar to Clinque chubby sticks in principle. Not sure about formula because I don't have the chubby sticks! 

I also ventured into the Maybelline Color Sensational range and the Rimmel Moisture Renew range when shopping around, I got the colours Hollywood Red, Oxford Street Fucshia and As You Want Victoria, swatches are above. They're all extremely pigmented as well as well as super creamy and easy to apply.

Lipsticks can sometimes take their toll on your lips so I repurchased what is possibly my favourite Baby Lips flavour or scent or whatever. It's the Cherry Me one and it leaves a little read tint on the lips. These have had a lot of mixed reviews but personally I love them. I also bought 2 lip liner pencils and Rimmel's Lipstick Lock. I am yet to figure out what the transparent lip liner actually does but the lipstick lock is proving good so far, I will update you in due time!

That was my National Lipstick Day post! How has your day been?!

Love Alicia x

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