SKINCARE // The Run Up To Summer/Gradual Tan After Care

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During the hot, summery months I like to be a little more bronzed and sun-kissed, don't we all? Don't get me wrong I embrace my pale all year rounds (mainly due to being lazy) but when I can be bothered I like to get a bit of a glow on and I've been trying out a few new products to help me get there.

Before I shave, tan or moisturise I like to exfoliate and I usually use Soap & Glory's Pulp Friction or Scrub of your Life but I wanted to try something different so I went for Boots Mango Sugar Scrub which smells absolutely amazing. I also bought the body mist to go along with it.

I use exfoliating gloves and body wash first then I go in with this on its own and scrub in circular motions all over my body just to get ALL the dead skin cells off before I go and shave my legs. When I shave my legs and body I just use ASDA's own Shaving Foam for Sensitive Skin to get an extra close shave.

After I've finished showering I pat my skin dry and wait for about 15-20 minutes for the pores on my legs to close up to avoid the tan going into them and creating that dark brown spotty thing that tan does!

I don't tend to use moisturiser when I'm using this gradual tan as Dove products tend to be very very moisturising so I find this is enough for my on it's own.

As for aftercare I just shower every other day and put the gradual tanner on everyday for 5 days to build it up, then when you get the tan to the level you want just put it on every other day to maintain it and exfoliate once a week, the exfoliater will scrub a little bit of the tan off but if you don't exfoliate your skin with tend to go scaly/the tan with stick to every dry patch it can find!

Hopefully you can take something useful away from this post, let me know your favourite summer skincare items in the comments!

Love Alicia x

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