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Makeup Revolution Blush & Contour Palette in Sugar and Spice, £6 -

Makeup Revolution Cover & Conceal Palette in Light, £6 -

As as aspiring makeup artist I'm all about products that take up less space in my kit and my collection as a whole, they're easier to carry around and they're easier to find. When Makeup Revolution announced, around 4 weeks ago, that they had a new range of palettes out aimed at concealing, contouring and blusher I jumped at the chance to try them out!

I bought these two in colours that would suit me as I didn't want to spend money on them all (even though they're so inexpensive) and find that they weren't very good. Even though I knew Makeup Revolution had a good reputation for bringing out quality and affordable products, I still didn't want to take the risk, so I stuck with these two.

This isn't a review, I will review them separately when I've had the time to use them numerous times and figure out what the wear of them is like and so on but for now I can say that I love them!

The concealer is lightweight so probably not something you'd want under your eyes if you have heavy dark circles as I don't think they would cover them up extremely well but they're prefect for blemishes and cleaning up brows etc.

The blush palette contains 5 beautiful shades of blush and one highlighter (they're supposed to be contour as well but they all seem a little too pink to be contour shades? Maybe it's just me) and they wear really well and the highlighter is really really beautiful.

The blush palette I chose goes really well with the Iconic 3 Palette also from Makeup Revolution as the shades are pretty much from the same shade group all being earthy with pink undertones so they tie in really well together.

If you haven't heard of Makeup Revolution you should definitely check them out they're really affordable and the products are good for what you pay. I also have a giveaway running at the moment where you can win the Iconic 3 Palette and 2 of Makeup Rev's velvet lip lacquers so head on over to that post (click here) to enter for you chance to win, it ends in 5 days! (30th July)

What do you think of Makeup Revolution??? Let me know in the comments!

Love Alicia x

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