FASHION // The "those look like something my Nain would wear" Shoes

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New Look Birkenstocks/Pool Slider - £12.99

The Rise of the "ugly shoe" the shoe that everyone can't stand to look at but for some reason can't stop wearing. I myself have fallen victim to the Birkenstocks or Pool Sliders, whatever you want to call them and rather than sticking to the norm and buying the black or white offerings, I bought red ones, to add a pop of colour into my usually monochrome wardrobe.

My boyfriend actually said "They look like something my Nain would wear" I was like gee thanks, he did save the insult with a follow up of "if you like them, buy them who cares what anyone else thinks!" Though which was pretty well worded. To add insult to injury a lovely old lady sat next to me and said "Oh I love your shoes" which while I was delighted, just reminded me I was in fact wearing old lady shoes as my boyfriend so kindly pointed out.

I bought these from New Look a few days ago, literally on payday and now they've gone into the sale for £9.74 - why me? 

I don't particulalry have an amazing fashion sense so will probably wear these with a bikini and a kraftan/cover up on the beach or as you can see me wearing them here with jeans and a kimono.

The one thing that irks me about these shoes is the curved rims, they really began to rub on me during the day and almost gave me blisters, as for the red buckle faster/strap, that DID give me blisters, full on top of my feet, can't wear any other sandles for weeks type of blisters - ouch!

I will definitely be sporting these again when I recover from my tramatic blister experience/when I can be arsed buying compeed!

So what do you think of the pool slider/birkenstock/ugly shoe trend? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Love Alicia x

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