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Deathly Hallows Choker* £3.70 - Sugarless Skulls

I recently won a giveaway held by Amy & Sarah who are the creators of an online Etsy store called Sugarless Skulls who specialise in affordable and quality chokers and bracelets which are all hand made/ home made.

My prize for winning the giveaway was this really cute Harry Potter inspired Deathly Hallows choker and it seems that chokers are really on trend this year so I was delighted to win one as I was going to buy one anyway!

I am a huge fan of Harry Potter which is the reason I entered the giveaway, I didn't expect to win as I never win anything so I was really happy when I did, so thank you Amy & Sarah!

They didn't ask me to review or post about this necklace but I love it so much that I decided I would share it for anyone who wants one or just wants a choker but didn't know where to find one.

They also offer giftwrap options in their store so if you're buying as a gift that's a really great option and it's (usually from what I saw) only 0.20 pence (GBP) extra, so not breaking the bank!

What do you think of this choker? Let me know!

Love Alicia x

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