TOP 5 // Favourite Lipsticks for Spring/Summer

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I did one of these post every season last year so will continue the trend on this year, with my Top 5 lipsticks of every season. I've usually done it as Spring/Summer and Autumn (or Fall)/Winter so just thought I would continue this trend as it's easier, plus my lip colour don't often vary, I tend to stick with the same colours all season long.

Lipsticks that made the cut
  1. Lime Crime Opaque lipstick in Coquette
  2. Illamasqua Glamore lipstick in Luster
  3. MAC Heroine
  4. Topshop All About Me
  5. MUA Luxe Velvet Lipstick in Kooky
If you want to read a review of any of these lipsticks, just click the names as the ones I have reviewed will be direct links to the review.


Lime Crime Coquette

Illamasqua Luster

MAC Heroine

Topshop All About Me

MUA Luxe Kooky

These are definitely my absolute TOP 5 lipsticks for this season (Not necessarily "on trend" but my favourites none the less.) I've always love a bold lip for summer but theres something about the two deep purples that just make me want to wear them all year long. 

During the day time I am more of a neutrals kinda girl but I wanted to show you my absolute favourites for when I'm not working and I'm just going out. I would usually tone down my makeup for lipsticks such as these ones but then again, you can easily do a daytime look with any of these colours! Definitely don't be afraid to wear what you want :) it's all good fun!

Now it was very hard to me to whittle it down to just 5 so I've also compiled an "Honorable Mentions" list to give all my other lipsticks, which I also use near enough daily, a mention. I just didn't include them as they're just my basics so not necessarily something extra extra special or something that I'm loving insanely. 

Honourable Mentions

  1. MAC Candy Yum-Yum
  2. Collection Creme Puff in Cotton Candy
  3. Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balm in Elusive
  4. Estee Lauder Pure Colour lipstick in Pink Berry
These are my everydays, my basics, my backbones. They're not my favourites just because they're just normal, they're my routine type lipsticks. Nonetheless they deserved and HONORABLE mention, without a doubt.

Just as before click the names of the products for the review direct link, if I have done a review yet.


MAC Candy Yum-Yum

Collection Creme Puff Cotton Candy

REvlon ColorBurst Matte Balm Elusive

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Pink Berry

Those were my honorable mentions and my Top 5 lipsticks of the current season. They're all super easy to wear and great summer colours.

Have you tried any of these colours? Let me know!

Alicia x
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