REVIEW // NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone ESB03

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No matter what eye colour, shadow, pigment, whatever you are wearing, you NEED a shadow base or primer to help those colours adhere and stand out for longer. Eyelids are skin so they do tend to get oily and since they roll up, for lack of better words, your shadow may crease. This is partly due to the amount of shadow or the quality but a shadow base can really help your eyeshadow not crease and stay longer.

The one I have been using is the NYX Eyeshadow Base is Skin Tone ESB03, I'm not too sure if there are lighter or darker colours but I'm assuming there are lighter as I have 03 however, when I bought it from It didnt specifiy a colour so I assumed this was the only one they made and bought it, it is a little dark for my skin but it still works and you can't tell once the shadow is on.

You apply the base directly to your lid using ether your finger or a brush, I use a brush just for hygiene but your finger would be fine also as long as it's clean! You just put it all over the lid where ever you wise to put your shadows or any other eye colour products.

This product in my opinion isn't amazing but it is really good, it does what it says, its holds the shadow, prolongs the wear time  and intensifies the colour. It also helps the shadows stay on my lid for a lot lot longer as my lids can be a pain as they get super oily and this really stops the colour from slipping and sliding around. You can use multiple shadows on top of this and it holds them just as well as applying it straight onto the base and the colour doesn't show through despite it being quite pigmented since it's too dark for my skin and it doesn't change the colour of my shadows either which is really good.

The only problems I have are that it is too dark for my skintone and the shade range isn't amazing. I checked the NYX website and the only I have ESB03 (you can see a true to colour swatch above) is the darkest one and I am quite a pale gal. The colours before are white (ESB01) and pearl (ESB02) which would be good if you're quite pale but for darker skinned girls and guys I don't think this would work very well!

I do love this product but I definitely wouldn't say it's my holy grail, I would still shop around but it's good for just £6!

Alicia x
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