The Monday Matter #12

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The 12th Monday Matter already? It definitely does not feel like I've been doing this little section of my blog for near on 3 months, how time really does fly!

The Photography This past week or two I've been really upping my game, or trying to, when it comes to blog photography, I used to just take photo's whenever and wherever (Shakira Shakira) just so I could get posts out on time but now I'm definitely trying more to do so in the morning/before around 2pm when the sun disappears from my window, because I feel in my house the natural lighting from my room is the best, as the house tends to be dimly lit all day anyways, big walls, not many windows. I've also been playing around with backgrounds for my photo's the one above really makes me want to look at the photos as it's so pretty, how about you?

Instagram I've been putting a lot more effort into trying new makeup looks and posting them on instagram. Follow me if you like just click HERE (link opens new window) I really love instagram it's definitely a good way to become inspired by other bloggers and makeup artists and definitely, or hopefully, to inspire other people who are in a bit of an uninspired rut!

Organisation This week for me has been all about becoming organised with my life and taking things head on rather than just settling and ignoring problems and then being overloaded with work which was my usual and unhealthy work ethic. I've started planning blog posts now so they become better constructed and quicker to write, this also means I can see what I'm writing for the new week or so and take all the photographs in one day, then I can upload then and write the blog content whenever I have free time, it's been really working for me and I'm hoping I can keep it up.

The Schedule This is my new blog posting schedule, if you haven't already seen the actual/original post I posted earlier this week, maybe Wednesday/Friday. I've decided to go full blogger on the weekdays and have the weekends off to plan, edit and write up the posts.

This has been my week in review, how has your week been?

Alicia x
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