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Here on aliciajadex I aim for variety as there is nothing more monotonous and boring that review after review, right? Today I will be sharing with you the daring and daunting choice that was giving up the iPhone. I have been an avid iPhone user since the bygone days of the cute little 3GS model. I loved my iPhone to the end of the world and back, sad right? What has technology done to this generation *sigh* Anyway, where was I, my iPhone was my baby as it was so easy to use, so good to look as and did everything a busy, working individual like myself could want, but it wasn't enough. iPhone and I just never really really got on, yeah I loved them, but I was always looking at other phones behind it's back because I felt there was something missing, a niggling feeling that my iPhone just wasn't worth the £38-42 a month that I and most other users pay. 

Also Apple just get right on my nerves my home button went on my 3GS, through no fault of my own - £60 to fix. Then I go the iPhone 5 and the battery depleted within 13 months - how coincidental 3 weeks out of warranty and straight after this my lock button just rusted up and stopped working. What was I paying for? £38 for a phone that didn't last 12 months never mind the 24 months length of my contract! This lead to me researching the best phones on the internet and every search lead to one phone - HTC One.

Technology is a big thing to us in everyday life, people may not like this, but it is, we all need it and rely on it in some way. I like my phone to let me do anything I want, write blogs, take good quality photos, edit photos, send emails, organise calendars, watch videos literally everything. In our day, here and now the iPhone rules supreme, it is the go to phone for any smart phone user and abuser it is the one that new users will opt for because it's just such a big name in our society but for me, I wanted something that made me feel like I was paying for something that was worthy.

The main difference of the iPhone and HTC are:

  1. Screen & resolution. HTC has 1080p 5inch display where as iPhone 5s has 4inch screen, I'm not too sure of resolution it's either 720 or 1080.
  2. The HTC One has a dual camera and dual flash, dual camera contains one regular lense and a depth sensor meaning you get clearer more life-like pictures with the option to blur out certain aspects that are in focus. 
  3. The interface is different, HTC has Android and iPhone has iOS. Android is better is you prefer to personalise and have more freedom and iOS is better if you just want it to get up and go.
  4. You can personalise everything on Android for example, you can have the appls be the shape of pokeballs etc. Apple do not support personalisation but the interface is still stunning.
  5. The front camera on HTC One is 5mpx whereas iPhone 5s is 1.2mpx. However iPhone's back camera is 8mpx whereas HTC One is 4 Ultra-pixels. Ultra-pixels let in more light per pixel for a clearer view. To be honest I can't tell the different in picture except from the HTC seems to work better in lower light. The lack of pixels has made no difference to my and I use the camera a lot.
Overall I am glad I made the switch and probably wont be going back to the iPhone. I am not a tech person, this is just information I know from searching mixed with my own opinions here and there and my own findings since owning the HTC One M8. iPhones are good phones and do what they say, but the HTC is just so much more stunning and easy to use, when you get used to it. 

Making the switch was one of the best decisions for me, are you brave enough?

Alicia x
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