The Monday Matter #14

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The Mess Many of you may recognise this mess, after swatching and picturing lipsticks for a "top favourites" post? It's a common sight for beauty lovers and for me, it occurs quite regularly. As much as I love lipsticks and blogging, the two don't bode well for me and my lips, the swatch after swatch takes it toll on my lips, lucky I have Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream to save me!

The Notebook(s) I've scheduled a post for early next week about how I have begun to organise my blog posts and how it's really helped me to be organised and on time with posts. It's also helped me to clear up time for me, for work and so that I always have ideas for blogging and always have something to write about. I get inspiration from everywhere even real life and then places like Pinterest and then I just jot it down in my notebook. After that I will then plan it out in my sketchbook/freewriting notebook. I'm really looking forward to that post and really enjoying my new planners.

The Jumpsuit I've been obsessing with jumpsuits literally all week. Apparently you need the right fit and the right shape, the right length or it can go totally wrong and look like you're wearing a curtain. I'm a lot more educated on Makeup rather than fashion, fashion is my weak point. I can dress myself (just barely) but after that it's all down to whatever I read on the internet/blogs. This is the jumpsuit I;ve been looking at and it's from ASOS (link here)

Awkward Hug Scenario... I've recently started watching Breaking Bad and this scene made me laugh out loud. I wont ruin anything from the first season incase some of you are planning to watch it. I'm only on Season 2 Ep 3 but so far so good and I'm really enjoying it. A lot of my friends told it it's amazing and kept going on about it so I had to give it a watch.

That's my week in review! How has your week been? Let me know in the comments!

Alicia x
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