REVIEW: Charles Worthington Mineral Hair Rescue Salon Results Rejuvenating Masque Intense Treatment With Argan Oil

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Hair Masque Heaven

Charles Worthington's Tips: "Dry, lacklustre hair requires regular nourishment. For an additional moisture boost, use Mineral Hair Rescue Intensive conditioner once a week alongside with Moisture Seal regime to replenish hair to its full potential."

Hey guys!
(The title was a tongue twister, right?)
Since writing my "pamper" post I thought to myself, Wow there are A LOT of products that I have which I have even reviewed on my blog. This read me to think, am I supposed to review everything I buy? What If I feature something in a post and readers think "Is that product any good? She hasn't really said much about it, only that she uses it..." Which then lead me to think, if a product wasn't good, I wouldn't go to the trouble of snapping it and posting it on here for you guys to see, because its it rubbish, I wont feature it on here! (Unless it's a negative review, but I tend not to do those unless I'm REALLY disappointed, no one needs a negative one!)

Rant aside, I was going around my local Boots with my boyfriend and told him "I'd be a lot quicker in here if you stopped sulking and helped me look for a hair masque! ;)" Which then lead to him running down the aisles and he eventually picked up this little tub and showed it to me. Now don't get me wrong I was looking too, but apparently I was looking in the wrong places as I hadn't even spotted this! 

This is a deep/intensive hair treatment or masque which contains Argan Oil *heavenly chorus.* You slap it on your head for 5 minutes - 15 minutes depending how much care and moisture your hair is lacking! 

Being, recently, dyed blonde - I went for the 15 minutes treatment and let it soak into my locks whilst I chilled in my bubble bath, I then rinsed it out under the shower (not in the dirty bath water) and patted my hair dry.

As I was rinsing my hair and could feel the masque slowly slipping from my hair, I was left with what felt AND looked like silk, albeit, wet silk of course! 

I thought, this is just because my hair was wet and the masque had only just been washed out, I was wrong. I dried my hair and my hair was lovely and shiny and I can't thank my boyfriend enough for pointing this out to me in his time of despair as I dragged him around Boots!

Overall I love this masque and think it was a definite good buy and good find!! I would definitely recommend it. I do find that the tub is a bit small, but i've got 3 uses out of it! For £5.19 that's not too bad (I do use about two handfuls at a time...maybe this is just me trying to justify, but it is really good!)

This retails at £5.19 in Boots.

What do you think of this treatment? What're your favourite hair repair masques? Let me know! :)

Alicia x
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  1. Love anything with Argan oil in it!

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    Thanks! Charlie xx

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