Alicia's Declassified Festival Survival Guide: Part Two - Outfit Do's and Don'ts/My ultimate festival wear for days 1-4

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*Again, I'd like to say I'm not an expert and I know this I'm not trying to come across that way I'm just offering advice for the festival season, it's just common sense/comfortable-ness that i'm keeping in mind and sharing knowledge of previous festivals :)*

  • Pack for all weather scenarios - Don't want to be stuck in shorts, t-shirt and sunnies if its pouring down!
  • Pack enough underwear - nothing worse than focusing on everything else and forgetting to pack them! Or in case of rain and you need to chance
  • Take a Mac or rain coat
  • Take warm clothes for the night, it gets colddddd. Especially on the floor!
  • experiment with clothes, festivals are places of freedom!

  • Don't wear instant fake tan, I've seen this happen, it then rained and it's not pretty. Think paint dripping.
  • Don't wear jeans - it's highly uncomfortable!
  • Don't wear heels or anything of the sort. It's just common sense...
  • Don't forget suncream!!!

I've assembled four outfits that I would wear and probably will wear this festival season! Here they are :)

Day One: Travelling there I just want to be comfortable so this is the outfit I chose.

Day 2: Festival is starting up, gettin my festival wear out!

Day 3: Festival wear

Day 4: Going home, but don't want to leave - still in festival wear.

So this is my little look book of sorts of festival fashion looks I'll be hoping to wear at a festival!

And that concludes part two of this series of posts!

What're you planning to wear?? :)

Alicia x
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