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Hey guys!

So (lets pretend) it's Sunday and you're pretty worn out after a long week of doing nothing right? What better way tow ind down and relax than light a few candles and soak in a bubble bath? That's what I like to do on my Sundays! Providing I'm not in University halls were the only method of washing I have is a shower *sigh*

So when I'm home for a while I like to take advantage and have a nice long bath complete with the newest issue of Company mag, some candles and chilled out music. Of course when having a bath you need some sort of cleaning routine right? Well here are the products I use when i'm in deep cleaning mode, and a few that I use when i'm just having a quick shower!

Soap&Glory Suagr Cursh body Wash
John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone Correcting Shampoo (&Sometimes conditioner if I have a quick shower)
Charles Worthington Mineral Hair Rescue Rejuevenating Masque
Garnier Face Wash - With brush applicator
Boots Botanics Purifying Face Scrub All Bright
Soap&Glory Scrub Of Your Life
Montagne Jennesse Mud Pack Deep Cleansing Face Mask
Andrew Barton "Blondes Have More Fun" Serious Repair Mask
Baylis&Harding Great Hair Shampoo&Conditioner
Tangle Teezer

So, these products are what I use when I go for a bath/shower. I'll now explain what my method is when I have a bath and then move onto showering and I'll also explain why there are so many products! 

When I first get ready to get into the bath I wipe off any make up with a baby wipe (do not scream!! I do this because I'm getting in a bath and will be deep cleansing my face! Not to worry skin care buffs :)) I then get into the bath and wet my hair, the n proceed to apply my John Frieda Tone Correcting Shampoo, I leave this on whilst I wash my body with Soap&Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash and do whatever in the bath such as using my Garnier Face Wash and my Boots Botanics Purifying Face Scrub so thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate my face, If I'm feeling extra  *URGH* on my face I also use my exfoliating gloves to gently scrub and buff my skin (I use the sugar crush body wash for this.) So all in all that all takes me about, usually, 5/10 minutes! 

After this time is up I wash the shampoo and facial scrub off and take my Charles Worthington Mineral Hair Rescue Rejuevenating Hair Masque, I skip the conditioner stage as the masque is a heavy moisturiser and I don't want to weigh my hair down too much and make it greasy. I cover my entire head with the hair masque, going lightly on the roots so they do get moisture but not enough to make my hair greasy. The tips is where I concentrate my moisturising hair products this is because the roots are the newest part of the hair and so will have all the oils from the scalp on them for the majority of the time, whilst the tips are the oldest and driest part of the hair which is more prone to breakage! 

After I've applied the hair masque I put my Montagne Jennesse Mud Pack Deep Cleansing Face Mask on avoiding the eyes. The masque I used was a mud masque which is to be washed off, not peeled. If I was using a peel off mask I would also avoid my eyebrows, as it gets stuck in them and it's just generally annoying more than anything! 

When I've applied my hair and face masques I chill in the bath with music and candles and read a magazine for about 15 minutes! This is possibly my favourite part of the bath time experience, as I get to be lazyyyyy! Sometimes I get an ice cold glass of water to drink as well to hydrate my insides hehe. *Easily amused alert* if you drink the cold water, whilst sitting in the bath, you can really feel it going down into you stomach due to the temperature difference in you body, the room, the bath water, and the glass of water. It feels so weirrrrrrd!!

When the 15 minutes is up I let the bath water drain, turn the shower on and wash myself thoroughly! I don't really see the point in rinsing my hair in a "dirty" bath. After this I apply Soap&Glory Scrub Of Your Life on my most dry points,  (knee's elbows, shins, sometimes face etc) and then I wash that off to. That's the end of my bath, afterwards I apply hair oils (which I will do a seperate post on) and brush my hair with my bright orange Tangle Teezer.

If I'm just going for a quick shower I usually just use the Garnier Face Wash, Sugar Crush wash, Tresemme Platinum Strength S&C, Great Hair S&C or John Frieda Sheer Blonde S&C sets, depending on what mood me and my hair are in, as I don't have time for a hair or face masque. However if I feel my hair really needs it I use Andrew Barton's Blonde's Have More Fun? Serious Repair Masque which is exclusive to ASDA and (available in different packets, for brunettes or just SOS repair) only for £1! It really do the job on my hair!

That's my routine! What do you think? Do you have a Sunday pamper? Let me know!

Alicia x
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  1. Love soap and glory :D tangle teezers are lifesavers I swear! X

    1. Me too the products always smell amazing!! DEfinitely my hair was in breakage hell before I bought one!! xxx

  2. Sugar crush body wash sounds lovely! I just bought myself a tangle teaser today, love it :)

    1. It smells A-MA-ZING seriously! It smells almost like cola cubes! Tangle teezers are amazing as well haha I love mine definitely going to invest in another when mine dies out! Thank you lovely! xxx


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