REVIEW: Baylis & Harding Great Hair Shampoo & Conditioner with Moroccan Argan Oil

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 Great Hair Shampoo&Conditioner, ASDA - £4 each

Hey guys!

First off, I bought this set because of the packaging, I am so shallow!!! I loved the gold writing, the size of the bottle and the pump. It's different and I'm easily pleased. Moving on, I had heard no reviews or anything about this so this is my honest review! As per usual!

My hair is unbelievably dry due to bleaching and dying it so I have recently bought SO many hair products to help me out!

I came across this is ASDA one day and thought "OOH MOROCCAN OIL" as many of us do and then saw the price and was like YES PLEASEEEEEE. Ran to the self check out and the rest is history.

I use this as a normal shampoo but leave the conditioner on for about 5 minutes. When I washed it out my hair was soft and shiny and noticeably thicker! This shampoo has really helped my hair but due to the oils and me being lazy I only use it once or twice a week!

Its got great packaging, great smell, great outcome and all round good product! I love it :)

Alicia x
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