Alicia's Declassified Festival Survival Guide Part 3: The Finale!


Alicia's Top 5 (Fun) Festival Rules:
  1. Take A LOT of pictures!
  2. Get drunk (responsibly of course ;) )
  3. Meet lots of new people & Stay up till all hours of the night.
  4. If you don't want to lose it/can't live without it. Don't take it.
  5. Last but not least, have fun! :)

Alicia's Declassified Festival Survival Guide: Summary
  • Remember to pack the essentials - When doing this think about stuff that you use everyday. Toothbrush, Hair brush, toilet roll, a fork. Things like that! You'll be surprised at how much you realise that you needs.
  • Festival clothing - Festivals clothes are a lot different to every day clothes. Think about it, would you walk about college in short short and a crop top? It wouldn't be appropiate. There's a time and a place for everything and a festival is a place for wearing summer/hippy/crazy clothes and no one will turn a blind eye so experiment with it!
  • Don't wear fake tan OR high heels - I can't stress this enough because no matter how appropriate you think it may be. Tan goes patchy without proper maintenance and without a shower, you can't exfoliate and it will cling to your dry skin, especially if the weather is hot! Also, heels is just a no and I know most of you will read this and think "Is she stupid who would wear heels in the grass?!" You'd be surprised what people wear! Trust me!
  • Stay Safe - Don't get drunk and wander off alone festivals  have dodgy people around just like anywhere else. You'd be even more at risk due to the high amounts of people, it'd be extremely hard for someone to look for you+ find you without knowing where you've gone! Always stay with friends and plan a place to meet if you lose anyone. I'd advice taking a cheap £10 phone instead of an iPhone or something too. (No one will steal that!) So if you do get separated you can phone someone. If a friend is drunk, don't leave them alone! You can never be too careful :)
  • Have fun! - I hope I haven't scared you off, festivals are wonderful places if you're sensible and plan everything correctly! 

So I hope you enjoyed this advice :) Obviously I'm taking it from experience! Hope you enjoy your festivals!! :D

Alicia x
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  1. I'm so excited! I have a festival post coming up too :) xx

    1. haha festivals are fab! Ooo link me when you've done it! :) xx


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