HOW TO: Keep bleached hair healthy using TRESemme, Hask, Boots, Charles Worthington, L'oreal and Andrew Barton.


Shiny Soft Hair!

Hey guys!
So my hair is quite overly processed due to my obsession with changing it's colour every so often. Even if i'm not changing my colour I'm dying the roots back in and what not!

These are some of the treatments, masks and oils that I use to keep my hair feeling soft, looking thick and being generally healthy!

Andrew Barton's Blonde's Have More Fun? Serious Repair Mask - £1, ASDA
I use this every now and again to give my hair an extra boost. It being a serious repair mask i use it when my hair feels like straw basically and due to the bleaching it does tend to get straw-y after a few days of not washing. (I think i need to change to a non-spray dry shampoo as well. The alcohol in the tin doesn't do anything for my brittle hair!) This really livens up my hair and makes it super soft and shiny.

Hask Macadamia Oil Healing Shine Treatment*
This little tube was sent to be my the lovely people from Hask Hair. I reviewed their other hair treatment, which is available in Primark for £2.50, and they're just little shots of hair oil such as, Argan, Morrocan and Macadamia that are just fantastic tubes of fabulousness! They are exactly what my hair needs on those down days when your hair just isn't feeling luscious enough! You can use it on wet or dry hair (only on the ends, it's too oily for the roots) and it really helps repair them and prevent split ends. Obviously it can't repair ends that are already split, the only thing you can do for them is chop them!

Boots Coconut & Almond Leave In Conditioner - £1.39, Boots
After researching what products I'd need to keep my (then) ombre'd hair in good condition I realised i would need a leave in conditioner and this one had rave reviews on the Boots website and it being so cheap I decided to buy it. It's lasted me ages, it smells delicious and it kept my hair in really good condition! (In addition to looking after it, trimming it etc!)

L'Oreal Elvive Anti-Frizz Serum - £5.99, Boots
I use this on the ends of my hair when they feel extra brittle, I don't really use it as an anti-frizz serum as I tend to straighten my hair anyway so the frizz is mostly tamed after that. It gives the tips of my hair an extra bit of life. This product was my holy grail product last year but since trying to discover other things its kinda been pushed to the back of my stash, I need to rediscover it!

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Deep Treatment Masque - £5.50, Boots
I cannot stress enough how fab this product is. I bleached my hair 3 times within 2 months and after the third time, I could feel my hair starting to break, I soaked my hair in warm water, slapped this on for 15 minutes, washed off, applied the Keratin Smooth heat protective spray and after I'd finish styling (heat and all!!!) My hair felt like brand new! I was so shocked, it's a definite re-re-re-repurchase for me!

Charles Worthington Mineral Hair Rescue Rejuevenating Masque - £5.49, Boots
I wrote a review >here< about this product giving the whole sorry story of how it was brought into my life. I use this mainly when my hair needs a bit of a treat but not a full on repair. It can do the 'serious repair' trick but I feel my Tresemme masque has that down to a tea so this one is nice for a change up of products!

Tresemme Split Remedy & Platinum Strength Leave-in Treatments - £4.99 each, Boots
These treatments are after shower&bath&hair wash treatments. I use them every single time I've washed my hair. They seriously make a difference to the feel of my hair. I've really noticed a difference in length as well since I've been using them. I would definitely recommend these products! 

So these are the products I use on my hair! Have you used any of these producst? What do you think? Let me know :)

Alicia x
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  1. I love hair oils they are so luxurious :-) great post and I might try a few of these out, they sound amazing x

    1. Yeah they really are :) you definitely should! The tresemme keratin smooth hair mask is my favourite! Xxx


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