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What is your favourite Spring nail polish?

At the moment i'm more into press on nails but I love Satsuma by Barry M. It's a bright neon orange and it's in their new Gelly Hi-Shine range! Either that or Prickly Pear from the same range.

What is your must have lip colour this spring?

MAC Ruby Woo or Topshop Tease. I've done a review of the Topshop one >here.< These lipstick's are both matte shades which I love. Ruby Woo is a classic that I've only just discovered but it's quickly climbed to the top of my favourites. Next on my list is RiRi Woo from MAC!

Show us your favorite Spring dress?

I'm not a dress wearer but if I had to choose it'd be my Topshop skater skirt and a plain white tshirt, can't go wrong!

What is your favourite flower?

I don't have a favourite flower! How awful of me haha! I've never been sent or given flowers though so don't have a favourite.

What is your favourite Spring scarf/accessory?

My favourite spring accessory is a statement necklace. 

What Spring trends are you most excited for?

I love the delicate cami's that have come out in neon colour's, they look fab with disco pants or even just shorts! Neon is a definite favourite of mine. It means i can get away with wearing bright lipsticks and saying i'm on trend!

What is your favourite Spring candle?

I don't have a favourite springe candle but my favourite candle is my Jelly Belly Very Cherry candle which you can get on Amazon or in Topshop for £4!

What is your favourite body spray/perfume for Spring?

Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Guess by Guess or Dot by Marc Jacobs!

What is Spring like, where you live?

I'm from Wales so Spring is full of fresh green fields, lambs, blossoming trees and daffodils! Beaaaaautiful

What is your favourite thing about Spring?

It makes me excited for Summer! Also, it makes the place look pretty and flowery! haha

Are you a Spring cleaner?

No but now I've seen this I think I might do this tomorrow...

Any plans for a Spring break/vacation?

Just chill! Go to festivals, spend time with friends, enjoy life before 2nd year of university!

That was my spring tag! I tag everyone who reads this! Link me your response in the comments!

                                               Alicia x 
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