Correcting badly dyed hair, with BBlonde.

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Jerome Russell's BBlonde Hair Lightening Kit in Medium to Dark Brown Hair*

The packet includes:

A set of  gloves, a cap, a set of instructions
 A bottle of 30 to 40 vol cream peroxide, a packet of 30 to 40 vol powder bleach a packet of post treatment conditioning shampoo 
 A mixing tray and an applicator brush. 
You will also need: a bin bag - to use as a protective cape, a pair of scissors - to open the sachets, a tub of petroleum jelly - to put around the outline of your hair to prevent the dye from getting onto your skin, hair clips - to section the hair and an old t-shirt - to wear under the bin bag to prevent ruining your nice clothes!
How to go about mixing the solutions and applying: pour the bottle of cream peroxide into the plastic mixing tray with the sachet of powder bleach and mix them together until there are no lumps left in the mixture.  

Apply the mixture to the hair using the applicator brush and remember to wear the gloves! I used this brush to apply the mixture to my roots as I found it too time consuming to use the brush on the lengths of my hair due to it's thickness.

If you have dyed or bleached you hair before and your roots have grown out, now showing your natural hair colour, then apply the bleach all over the lengths first. I'm not sure on the application times but it does say on the instructions :)

When I had put the mixture all over my hair (except the roots) I put the cap provided in the packet on my hair and left it for 20 minutes, then i applied the mixture to my roots and put the cap on for a further 20 minutes. I didn't want to go bleach blonde so I kept the bleach on for 40 out of the 20-60 recommended minutes and checking my hair every ten minutes to see what colour it was going. I also put tinfoil on parts of my hair to stop the dye from drying out.

When the 40 minutes was up I washed the mixture of with warm water and applied the conditioning shampoo, I lathered it in for 30 seconds then rinsed it with warm water.

 As you can see the bleach has lightened my hair and evened out the tone! My hair before was my own fault not the previous bleach I used as I left the bleach on the whole head for 30 minutes even thought my roots had grown through!

Overall I'm very happy with the results and I would definitely purchase it when I need to lighten my hair again. The colour pay off was just what I wanted as I was thinking of lightening my hair again anyway to even out the tone and it didn't totally wreck my hair or dry it out like bleaches usually do.

I did receive 2 boxes of the bleach which I applied 1 and a half to my hair! My hair is of just below shoulder length and quite thick! 

This hair lightening mixture is retailing at around £5-6 in Boots.

What do you think of this brand? Have you ever used BBlonde? Let me know! :)

Alicia x 

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*PR Sample
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  1. Such a nice colour ! Fits you very nicely ! The kind of colour I wish I could wear ! Just followed your blog !


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