Tanning Routine | Using Garnier Summer Body, St Moriz and Expose

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Hey guys!

First off I apologise for the minging bottles haha, I tend to grab the bottles with my grubby fake tan hands  then forget to wipe them down, suppose I should of for the purpose of this post but oh well! Moving on...

I'm just going to run through my tanning routine. If you, like me, don't tan easily but want to be a little more tanned during these summer months whilst waiting and hoping for the sun to shine upon us and golden our skin, then this post is for you! I don't want to enter summer looking like a milk bottle whilst all the other girls my age have been prepping for this the whole winter by using sunbeds! I am a sunbed-aphobe. They make me claustrophobic and if you've seen Final Destination you'll know why! I do like to go on them but I don't go on them a lot. A) Because I'm skint and B) I fear dying on them (not that drastic but you get what I mean.) So my alternative is fake tan! Yes it is messy and sometime does go patchy but with the right care I can be a god send!

First off I exfoliate my skin head to toe. To do this I use my exfoliating gloves which I got from Home Bargains, (they were only 35p!!) AND they are light pink with little hot pink hearts on them, how cute? Anyway, I use these gloves and my Soap & Glory Sugar Crush body wash to thoroughly exfoliate my body and then when I get out of the bath/shower I pat my skin dry and use the Garnier Summer Body Gradual Tanner for Lightly Sun-kissed Skin (Step. 1.) I use this all over my body and let it sink in. 

I then wait over night for this tan to develop because if there is one thing I have learnt it's not to moisturise and then fake tan straight afterwards as the tan will not properly sink in, this is why I have a gradual tanner, I don't want to fake tan straight away as the tan will cling to dry skin, so by using a moisturising fake tanner (gradual tan) I get moisture for the dry skin but also a tan that looks even. While I wait for the tan to develop I also have to decide whether or not I want a deeper tan. If I'm going on a night out or doing something where a lot of flesh will be on show (If it's sunny or going to the beach, but not in the water) then i'll put an extra layer of actual fake tan on. The fake tanners (Step. 2) I use are quite cheap ones. The Expose fake tan is something like 85p in Home Bargains which is insane for the tan you get from it! My other favourite is St. Moriz I also have this in a spray version, but I keep one at home and one in my uni flat so the spray is back in my flat!

I apply the fake tan the day after I've applied the gradual tanner and then I wait around 6-8 hours for it to develop. I usually start doing this a few days before I'm due to go on an night out so that IF I do find I've gone patchy or missed a bit then I can correct it and have enough time for it to develop/show up on my skin! 

There we have it! That's my routine :). Nothing to it really it;s quote simple, the thing with me was were to start and which products to use but I guess after you've tried and tested you find the ones that suit you best!

What're your favourite fake tanners? Let me know! :)

Alicia x
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1 comment

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