FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Nivea Daily Essentials BB Cream 5in1 Beautifying Moisturiser in Light


Hey guys!

I'm just going to give a quick overview of my first impressions of the Nivea BB Cream. I've had it over a month but I haven't used it enough to give it a full review I don't feel so I'm just going to go in with a First Impressions post and hopefully follow this up in the near future!

On first thoughts, the Nivea BB Cream smells lovely, as do all Nivea products. This was an instant plus in my books as I love products that smell lovely and not like chemicals as many products can do nowadays. When coming out of the tube, the consistency is quite thick, not what you'd expect of a BB cream. This worried me slightly as I didn't want it to be full coverage, I only wanted a light coverage to cover redness on days where I didn't want foundation on my skin.

As you can see from the swatch, the colouration is FAR from "light" as the packaging suggests. The Maybelline BB Cream I have swatched next to it is also in the shade "light" which is far more obviously a light shade of BB cream. I would say this Nivea one is a Medium-Dark shade as it turns me quite visibly orange!
I did a few tests of this, sometimes I was wearing it round the house, others I'd wear it to work. To me, if a foundation/ BB Cream lasts me even 3 hours in work, its good. I work in a busy chip shop so I'm often talking and moving my face which can cause a foundation/BB cream to move around and also the shop is quite warm and stuffy due to the till, where I usually stand being right next to where the food is cooked so it can get quite hot. Wearing a new base product in work is my ultimate test, if it lasts, then I'm very happy! 

This did not last, it went patchy and very very shiny. It also oxidised on my skin. I have fair-medium skin (I would say more on the fair side but I do have very rosy/red cheeks and some darker patches.) Needless to say by the end of my shift I looked like I couldn't apply make up properly...

The face test at home lasted well, it lasted me around 3/4 hours in room temperature heat and but again, it went patchy. I have no idea why, it may be  because I have darker areas of skin so it's showing up darker on them but no other BB cream or foundation has ever done this to me. The staying time surprised me because my skin can get quite oily so I never expect a product to last longer than 3 hours without blotting or reapplication so the fact it lasted 3/4 made me quite happy.

It's not bad on oily skin, however I wouldn't recommend it when there is such BB creams as the Maybelline one and the L'Oreal one out there for similar prices. This cost me £3.99 from Tesco but it's usually around £5.99 where as the Maybelline one is £6.99 (I think?) from Boots. So when you can get better quality for £2 more I definitely think it's worth it!

The Nivea one is a good size coming in at 50ml where as the Maybelline one is 30ml so you do get 20ml more product for £2 less but the fact that the product doesn't suit me, is probably why I'd pay more for Maybelline. Why buy a cheaper product if it doesn't work, right?

So this has been my first impressions, I know this is more like a review but as I said, I might use it a bit more and come to love it but for now these are my thoughts! There are some good points but this cream just hasn't really worked too well for me and it's probably because the shade "light" is not light at all!

Have you tried this BB Cream? Let me know your thoughts on it!

Alicia x
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  1. Nice product !

    1. Thanks! I wish it worked for me! xxx


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