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Hey guys!

Wow, half way through 2013. Weird right? 5 months until Christmas, 6 months until 2014 & the Football World Cup! Remember Vuvuzela's? Those annoying horn like things? Seems like last year let alone 3 years ago! Where does time go? The big question is, are we making the most of our time? I mainly have days were I laze around on the couch, this makes me feel bad to think about, so I planned this post to see what I'd achieved/done this year so far!

  • I made my first visit to London! - I'd never been before and although I was super tired going round the shops on Oxford Street it was amazing!
  • I saw One Direction live - LOL, yes I'm 20 and I love 1D, I'm not a "Directioner" by any means but hey ho, love me a bit of 1D.
  • I finished my first year of University! - Woo! I can no progress to 2nd year in the beautiful city of Liverpool - my fave!
  • I started working properly towards my goals/career goals - I know what I want in life and I'm continuously working to better myself and achieve these goals.
  • I started taking my blog more seriously - I post regular and interesting/unique content and love my readers to no end :)
  • I turned 20(!!!!! WHAT?!!) - TIME FLIES I still feel 15! Mind and body!! I need to grow up and become more mature, ch'yeah right.
  • I got a new kitten - EEEEEEK he's a cutie!!
- But most importantly -
  • I grew as an individual - I've lost some friends who I was really really close in the past, but realistically if they wanted to be my friend they wouldn't have been so mean and childish and basically take the piss out of things I did/said. I know that sounds cheesy and slightly childish but it's true and I've learnt to grow up and accept that not everybody will like me, some people will hate me, some will laugh at what I do, some will just generally not even care but that's fine because I cherish the ones who care and support me even more now. The others don't even bother me anymore with what they do or say.
So all in all, I haven't done much but what I have done are quite big things to me and have changed my life, except the One Direction thing, but yeah, seeing Harry Styles in the flesh is LIFE CHANGING, my god - no shame not even a little bit. 

This year started off not so well but gradually got better, and then worse when I lost my iPhone 5, but then it got better again when I bought a new one! (I'm not a spoilt rich kid I didn't get another brand new iPhone 5 instantly - far from it actually! I don't take it for granted I'm super super lucky! But I did save up for it by working hard so I'm proud of myself!)

So far 2013 has been a blast and the second half is looking even better! How's your year been so far? Let me know!

Alicia x
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1 comment

  1. So cute :) 20s are good - enjoy! And please post a photo of that kitten :)
    Adela x


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