REVIEW: Urban Decay De Slick Oil Control Make Up Setting Spray.


Urban Decay Setting Spray 30ML Travel Size - £9, Debenhams Online.

Hey guys!

So recently I've been looking for something to set my make up with before I've been spraying a bit of hair spray on my face to keep it all in place but obviously this doesn't work very well and is harsh on the skin. So I opted for a spray that was for the oilier skin types, as I am, and also that sets your make up.

This particular spray has no harsh chemicaly smell and doesn't spray out of the bottle in a powerful manner. It's very fresh smelling and light on the face and dries quite fast. I bought the 30ml travel size because despite all the fab reviews everyone's skin acts differently and I wasn't sure if my skin would get on with it.

I've tried this out on numerous occasions, including a weekend camping in the very hot sun, and I can honestly say I am pretty impressed by it! 

At first I used to just spritz this OVER my make up and it didn't really do much in terms of keeping my make up on longer but it did control the oil. I'd seen loads of reviews on YouTube and blogs saying it was literally the best thing since sliced bread and for the price I was expecting it to be so after the results I;d had the first few times using it I was quite disappointed. 

After this I decided to spray it on my face before my make up as a kind of primer. This worked so much better for me as my oily skin was really at ease with this product and didn't break out or produce as much oil! Needless to say I finally was understanding why everyone raved about this product.

I have also tried putting on before and after my make up which is possibly my favourite way to apply this spray/mist. If I do it that way it controls the oil and then prolongs my make up's staying time so that's definitely a plus! This is probably to become my favourite make up setting spray but I want to try a few more out before I officially give it that accolade! 

What do you think of this spray? Let me know!

Alicia x
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  1. This sounds brilliant, great tip to spray beforehand as well :), xoxo.

  2. Nice !

  3. I've got this and love it :)

    Nyss x

  4. if used it before it was really nice


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