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Hey guys!

So obviously I'm no make up artist or whatever but a few years back I lost my make up bag and had to repurchase everything and I managed to repurchase all the basics of my make up, that I used every single day when I was about 16/17, for under £25 which I thought was pretty good! So I decided to share the basics I bought and what I think would create a good starter make up kit for those who are looking to get into wearing make up! This doesn't include things like brushes and primers and all that malarky this is literally bare basice stripped back to the essentials! To go to the website with the cheapest prices (that I've found!) just click the names of the products under the pictures!


I chose these two as they pretty much cover all skin types (well, not really but the most common ones at least.) These foundations are very good for people who don't know which foundations to go to. L'Oreal True Match is good for the drier skin types whilst Maybelline Dream Matte is good for those with oilier skin as it creates a matte finish. Both these foundations brands have a wide colour range and are very inexpensive compared to the high end ones. These prices come from Feel Unique (

 Face Powder & Blush

These two products are fail safes in my opinion! They're the ones that always work on my (oily) skin and they stay put! If you tend to be more dry then you would probably be better off with a cream blush but this powder on would also work fine. If you do have very dry skin you could probably get away with not using a powder on your face during the colder months but if you want your make up to last through hotter months and special occasions clubbing then you'll need a setting powder and the blush just blends in with that really nicely! Again these prices are both Feel Unique prices.


Eyes are probably my favourite part of the make up routine apart from foundation because a well filled in brow, long lashes and gorgeous eye shadow just sets the whole look in my opinion. This eyebrow pencil is perfect for creating a defined brow without looking like it's been heavily drawn on, if you take an old (CLEAN) mascara wand to your brow afterwards it will look even better. Day 2 Night mascara has got to be my favourite drug store mascara, I use the thin wand for my bottom lashes and to elongate my top lashes and then take the thick wand to go over my top lashes and they come out perfect every time. MUA monoshadows come in a variety of colour and if you're starting out with make up you wont want a huge palette of colours that you wont know what to do with so as a starter maybe buying some warm browns to just go over the lid for a neutral look would be perfect as as you progress you could maybe expand your collection!


MUA Lipstick £1                                                                                                                            

No look is complete without lipstick and at £1 a pop this is hard to pass up! MUA do a great range of lipsticks that are super pigmented - sheer and all range of colours so there's something to suit everyone. You could buy 3 and still have enough change out of your fiver to buy that copy of Company mag! i love Company it's my fave mag, but I usually just buy for freebies (if the freebie is good.) I sound so super cheap right now haha!

So all in all the total is

With Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse : £22.46
With L'oreal True Match :£24.45

I hope this post has helped you in some way and I hope you have enjoyed it, let me know what you think below and I'll reply asap!

Hope you're all well! :)

Alicia x
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  1. Ahh I love this post. I think losing my makeup bag is one of my worst nightmares (not at all dramatic, I'm sure you'll agree!) but thinking about it, I don't think it would take that much to replace mine either! Definitely got the basics covered here :) Claire xx

  2. I used to use the MUA monoshadow as a highlighter aswell when I was going out! so shimmery, a little goes a long way!
    Hannah x


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