Instagram&Week round up #4: Hand on my heart, you keep my fire burning.

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1. Organisation 2. Naughty Kitty 3. Shell Island 4."Paint me like one of your french girls, Jack" 5. Sunset 6. Daytime Look 7. Sleepy Kitty 8. My fave club 9. Work Make up 10. Quote 11. Another quote! 12. The Simpsons

Week Overview
I. So my parents went away on Saturday and I've been working 8 hours days pretty much since then. Knackered isn't the word! I;ve been really unorganised and all over the place I can't even get myself to sit down for 30 minutes to write a blog post and I haven't planned any for way over a week. Hoping it's just a funk and it'll shake when my parents get back and I have less responsibility regarding looking after my house!

II. Like I said I've been working lots and this is great news for my bank but I am seriously lazy when it comes to work and I can't hack it I have to have a little nap when I get home! Don't get me wrong I love me some hard work as I know it pays off and I love getting paid but who wouldn't rather stay at home and get paid for doing that? I would!

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  1. Cute pictures !


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