REVIEW: Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo By Eye Studio in Pink Gold and Eternal Gold

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Hey guys+ Morning!

If I hadn't raved enough about these products on my blog already, here's another post for you! Haha, I'm not even joking I am going to rave rave rave these products until I'm blue in the face.

This is more of a review than a rave post but during this post I may say a few times how AMAZING and AWESOME they are and they're SO PIGMENTED AND OMG I LOVE THEM.

Moving on...They last really well and the colour can be built up and up and up from sheer to opaque so you can use them as a day shadow for a neutral eye look, something simple and feminine, or you can build them up to be opaque and blend with other colours to create an evening look. Or simply use them as a base colour for similar colours you want to layer on top of them. The possibilities are endless with these cream shadows and I really do want to buy more.

I've heard a lot of good things about the Permanent Taupe colour but it looks quite black/dark to me and I;m worried i'll have a serious "i've just been punched in the face" look about me if I wear it. Even worse if I do wear it and I don't like it, it might be a pain to get off without wiping my whole eye make up off! We'll see though!

These products can be found in any drugstore/high street make up store such as Boots and Superdrug if you live in the UK. They can even be found in ASDA as most ASDA superstores have a Maybelline counter! They retail at £4.99/£4.98 which is so so inexpensive because you only need a tiny amount for it the shadow to become opaque in colour.

I would 10000000% recommend these colours to anyone and I will be buying more.

What do you think of these cream shadows? Let me know!

Alicia x
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