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Hey everyone! 

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I recently bought a bottle of Sally Hansen Dry Kwik varnish, as a lover of painting my nails I always find it so frustrating when I have to wait about half an hour just for them to dry and even after that they STILL smudge and chip! I have used Sally Hansen nail products in the past and have always been extremely pleased with the results so when I got this item I was expecting no different!

I was super excited to use it just to see how good it really is. I use fake nails when I do my nails as I think they give a better finished look so I grabbed my fake nails (which can be bought at any drugstore such as superdrug, boots, etc.) and picked out a nail colour. I went through the Ciate advent calendar that my boyfriend had brought me for my birthday last year and found the perfect red colour called Mistress which can be brought for £9 on their website (expensive but SO worth it!).

I painted my nails then waited one minute as instructed to do so... I then applied a coat of the kwik dry varnish which glided over my nails. As with other top coat varnishes/drying varnishes this did not get stuck or ruin my nail varnish, there was no trace of nail varnish on the brush which I was extremely pleased with as this tends to ALWAYS happen. The varnish also contains a special oil which aims to moisturise and nourish your nails and cuticles, very good, but in my case with fake nails it was just a bit annoying, so I waited a further minute then proceeded to wash my hands and moisturise my hands.

This product worked extremely well, I cannot fault it! My nails were dry within a minute and no smudges or chips occurred during the process. I managed to find this product on a bargain beauty website that I always use and you can find the full size bottle here for just £1.50! I am so happy with this product and the price I will definitely be re-purchasing as soon as mine runs out!

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1 comment

  1. they look really nice, i usually have to wait a while for my nails to dry but this one seems to do the trick quicker


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