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My name is Amber, and I'm a seventeen year old blogger from Cape Town, South Africa! I'm very excited about this post, since it is my first guest post ever! My blog's name is Everything Amber, and you can go take a look at it by clicking here.

Since Alicia's blog is all about fashion, beauty and lifestyle, and I'm working on getting my blog there, I've written a post for you filled with all of that!

Last Saturday was the most exciting day I've had in a while! My mum, dad and I went to a local farmers market to take a look at all the nice things they have there, and then we went for a nice cup of coffee at a very cute coffee shop. In the afternoon, my whole family went to Newlands rugby stadium to watch a rugby match between the Stormers and the Cheetahs, two local teams. Rugby is very big in South Africa; it's the equivalent of what football is in Europe!

This is what I wore:

- An air force blue top with "Heart Breaker" written over it.
- Black leggings, (a staple in my closet.)
- A knitted brown-ish cardigan.
- My favourite tan biker boots with gold studs.
- My vintage fossil watch.
- Nomination bracelet

I was a bit lazy with my hair and makeup, and I had a bad skin day, so I kept everything simple. I air dried my hair after I washed it, and I wore minimal make up: foundation, eyeliner and a bit of mascara. 

My favourite mascara at the moment is the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara, it comes in a pretty gold case and it's lovely!

So, as I said: we went to a very cute little coffee shop for some coffee...

We only bought bread at the market, but it was nice walking through the stalls and taking everything in, the coffee was good too! It was a super pretty and sunny day, you would never have guessed that it's winter in Cape Town at the moment!

In the afternoon we went to watch the rugby at Newlands, my dad owns one of the boxes where you go to watch the game in. It's sort of a difficult one to explain! My hair was looking horrible at that point, so I ran the straightener over it; I also swapped my contacts for my glasses!

My little brother and I:

Before the madness began:

I didn't watch that much rugby, but it was a fun evening! Going to a big sports match is always fun and Newlands has an amazing vibe that I love!
And that was my day! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Love and Light.


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1 comment

  1. Wonderful way to tell us how you spend you day. Really it was an imaging day in the environment of fashion and beauty.


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