Fashion Bargain Wesbites: Fill up your wardrobe without emptying your bank!

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Hey guys!

I received an email from requesting me to list my favourite fashion sites. Now these aren't just any sites, the sites that are going to be listed are sites that I go to if I'm strapped for cash or want a bit of a bargain but still a fabulous and good quality item. So I'll list my top picks below (in no order!)

eBay is amazing for vintage or brand new finds at low prices. If I ever want something that I can't find in shops or that has been featured in a previous season such as SS12 and wont be in stores anymore, I go to eBay! Not only will you save a heap of money, you can get unique and amazing finds for a fraction of the price and you can do it whilst eating a cake and drinking a huge cuppa!

Yes, Primark has come to the internet! You can now shop Primark online at I'm not too sure if the whole collection is up yet but a fair few items are online. Primark already hit the high street as the bargain retailer giving places like Topshop and River Island a run for their money, now it's online? Other online retailers better watch out!

Everything 5 Pounds
This site is one I found through reading Kavita's blog She had bought 5 pairs of shoes for, yep you guessed it, £5 each! Everything on this website costs only £5 and is super good quality and it actually has some really nice pieces. You can get a whole outfit for £10 essentially! (Dress and shoes!)

Now I know you're probably like what? But Missguided often have sales and if you're a student like me, you can get 10% full priced items as well! The items are always good quality and on trend as Missguided keeps up very well with up coming trends and fashions! They also love working with bloggers and even have little stickers on items that "bloggers love" great, right? Missguided value their customers and know that everyone loves a discount so they often run voucher/offer codes which they post on Instagram so watch out for them!

Boohoo is again, like Missguided but slightly cheaper! They also have a very very wide range of dresses for literally every single occasion  So there is bound to be on that you will love! You may not be able to buy as much as you could, say, from Primark but one amazing dress is worth 100 average ones! (not saying Primark is average, but you get me...I hope!

Blog Sales
I've hit a few gems in blog sales in terms of fashion and beauty for literally a couple of quid. Some items you find may be brand new and the blogger simply has no need or use for them! This is where you can score amazing buys for not much money at all. Blogs sales contains anything and everything from clothing to make up to jewellery. So if you see a blog sale being advertised on twitter don't pass it up, you may find a gem!

I've recently been made aware that TK MAXX have an online store. Now everyone knows that TK MAXX is an amazing place for getting designer buys at a fraction of the price and considering you can put 2x discount codes in at the check out you can get it for even cheaper than their already quite inexpensive prices! How cool is that?

A few little bargain hunter tips I have learnt along the way are: 

  • When you're online, make sure you always refine your search to order the items in price from low-high so then you can see the cheapest things first, this way you'll never miss a bargain.  
  • Look out for flash sales usually advertised on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, Illamasqua recently had a 50% off everything sale where i got £130 worth of make up for £65, not bad eh?
  • Go shopping towards the middle/end of a season when all the items will be reduced. It may be "last seasons" clothes but I never pay attention to that anyway! I just wear what I like.
  • Sell a few things you don't need on eBay, one mans trash is another man's treasure! What you may dislike, someone else will pay good money for. Giving you more cash to spend on things you like!
  • Search on websites like for current sales that are happening online and for discount fashion codes,

I hope this post has helped anyone who was looking for a bargain online and if it has them let me know by dropping a comment below! 

Alicia x
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