Benefit The Real Steal: They're Real! Mascara and Liner set

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Benefit The Real Steal, £19.50 - Debenhams

    I am partial to a bit of "They're Real" Mascara by Benefit - by that meaning it's the only mascara I've used up completely and bought numerous replacements. However, I wasn't really too interested in the gel liner pen when it came out so never really saved my pennies up to buy it.

    I ventured into Debenhams on payday having ran out of several makeup bits and bobs and was mainly aiming to pick up another mascara so when I went to the counter and saw the mascara, gel liner deluxe size AND They're Real Removed sample for the same price as the mascara I thought, hey, why not! I was going to be paying the same price for the mascara on it's own so why not try them both!

    I don't know how long this little bundle kit is out for but it's available on the website too because I saw it on there and assumed they wouldn't have it in my store as It's a small store but to the woe of my bank balance, they did.

   I have the Maybelline Gel Liner pen and I love it and this is part of the reason I never bothered buying the Benefit one but after trying the Benefit deluxe size of the They're Real Gel Liner I can definitely see why it's so hyped because it's just so creamy and easy to apply first time where as the Maybelline one can take a bit more concentration and trial and error when first getting used it it. The Benefit liner is definitely a one and done for experience liner appliers like myself, I've been applying liner since I was 14 and I'm not 21 so I'm not really scared of the idea of it anymore!

   Everyone loves the mascara so there's not really much to say about it, unless you want a a review, then click here. I haven't yet used my little sample of the They're Real Remover as I have my Estee Lauder Take It Away makeup remover on the go but I may take the sachet to Liverpool next week as it's handy for travelling.

What do you think of these products? Let me know in the comments!

Love Alicia x

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