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Every girl needs that go to nude lip, the fail safe for when you want something very subtle on the lips, but something a little extra that looks like you've put some effort into it. The nude lip is perfect for this.

MAC Myth is a brown/yellow based nude colour, that glides onto the lips effortlessly and stays put for a good amount on time through eating and drinking. It's a satin finish so is very creamy and leaves a gloss-like look to the lips after it's been applied. 

The colour pigmentation again is brilliant, just like all MAC lip colours, they produce a high quality look and feel to the lipsticks. The colour is much like the colour of foundation, against my skin tone, which I'm not too fond of if I'm honest and if I'm really being honest, that's a big deal to be because lipstick is all about the colour predominantly, yes the finish, the texture, the wear of it are all contributing factors but the colour is the reason you buy a certain lipstick right? It's the visual selling point.

Now I am by no means saying I hate the colour, I'm just saying, it's a tad "concealer lips" for me, if i'm honest so if I wear this lipstick it's always paired with a brown based lip pencil and a nude gloss over the top just to even out the colour and give it that extra something. A bit more dimension to it rather than just concealer lips.

Overall I do like everything else about this lipstick and I would recommend it if you're of a different skin tone to me or if you like this sort of look with your lipsticks, it just really isn't for me as I'm already so pale it makes me look like Casperetta (The female version of Casper the friendly ghost...I just made that up.) 

Will I repurchase? Probably not for a while, I can see this lasting me a fair while as I'm definitely a bright lip colour gal anyways so I don't use any of my nude lipsticks that often. When I run out though, I will consider it as it does look nice with a nice nude gloss over top!

Have your tried this product? Let me know in the comments!

Love Alicia x

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  1. Can't go wrong with a great mac lipstick :)

    I'm a new follower! Please check my blog out?

    1. Truer words were never spoken!

      & sure, thanks :)



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