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As well as a blog, many of us blogger/vlogger types run social media to go along with the promotion of the blog and to get our posts out to our readers or potential readers, here's where you can find me and my blog on other social platforms...

You can find my blog on bloglovin' which is a blog reading platform, it's super easy to use and really good at keeping you up to date on your favourite blogs. You can "follow" you favourite blogs and Bloglovin' will keep tabs on when they publish new posts and left you know how many "unread" posts you have from all your favourite bloggers! It's really easy to use and you can sign up with Facebook, Twitter or any email address you use.

I think pretty much everybody knows what Facebook is and how to use it so I won't go too much into the details. If you like you can click the link and follow my Facebook page for my blog, I post regular updates on there of new posts and even just status' on what I'm up to!

Twitter is my first and foremost go to for social media to let my readers know if there's a new post or what's going on in my life i.e just fell off my chair and other exciting tales. I use it a lot to join in the Blogging chats when I remember, I'm so forgetful but, yeah, go and follow me on twitter!

I am very much a selfie lover when it comes to instagram, it's a little more visual which I love about it as I'm so nosey. I do tend to post a lot of makeup, cats, selfies and shoes on there so if you are interested in seeing that from me then by all means go ahead and click the link to follow me!

Pinterest is basically like a scrapbook or a pinboard on the internet. You can create boards and name them to something specific like I have done above and then you can repin photos you like from all over the website or you can add the Pin It button on Google Chrome and pin any photo that takes your fancy! I have a blog board on my Pinterest where I share my blog photography and a link to each post, so if you'd like to follow me there then click the link!

That's everywhere you can find me and my blog on social networks, what're your handles? I'd love to follow a few new people!

Love Alicia x

Why not also keep up with me and my blog on social media? Alicia Jade is also active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Bloglovin'
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