UPDATE // Maybelline Babyskin Pore Erasing Primer

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Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Erasing Primer, £7.99 - Boots

A few months ago I wrote a review about this particular product and it it wasn't a glowing review lets put it that way, if you want to read that review then click here.

Long and short of it I tried this product back in May and didn't get on with it at all, it accentuated my pores and made me as oily as ever. I wasn't happy as I was really excited to try it, however, recently I ran out of POREfessional by Benefit and was at a loss as to what primer I could use whilst trying to decide whether or not to buy another POREfessional and the first one I saw in my drawers was this one and I thought I'd whack it out and give it another go.

I don't know how, what, why (etc) has happened but for some reason this primer has really started working for me now and it's working REALLY well. It may be down the fact that in May my skin is oily-er than and oil slick but now it's come to autumn there isn't so much oil on my skin so this may be why.

I have worn this primer for the past week or so everyday, going to work and it has kept my makeup on beautifully, I have felt absolutely no oil on my skin all day which for me is incredible.

I wont be using this when it comes around to the warmer months as previously it really didn't work out for me.

I'm really enjoying this primer for the winter months so will probably continue it to use it throughout the rest of the year as It's really impressing me and it just looks so flawless under makeup.

*UPDATED UPDATE 28/12/14* It was a honeymoon phase, the primer reverted to hating me unfortunately :(

What do you think of this product? let me know in the comments!

Love Alicia x

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