Sunday Summary #18

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Just a heads up, Sunday Summary will take place instead of The Monday Matter, They will be in the exact same format and everything but I've got another project coming up on Mondays so stay tuned!

Photography This week I finally delved into the world of the blogging camera. My phone camera was okay but I wanted something that took really crisp quality photos that looked good on my blog and my phone just wasn't giving me the quality I needed so I'm really glad I took the plunge!

The Bedroom No I'm not going to start talking about sex n all that. This week I moved my room around and it's funny what a simple shimmy of furniture new bed covers and new curtains can do for your mood. I feel like my room is much more me now I've moved it and it's so much lighter and easier for me to take pictures in decent lighting!

Makeup At the end of last week I finally delved into the world of Benefit Hoola after all the rave reviews I've read. I have written a full review of the product which you can click here to read. TLDR; I love hoola.

Love Alicia x

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