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Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde - £15.50,

The Brows are well and truly having their hayday right now, everyone seems to be a fan of natural, full, well shaped and groomed brows and rightly so. The brow is, to me, one of the more important parts of my makeup and I wouldn't dare go out without them done, if I'm wearing makeup and this product has been my go to for many reasons...

Anastasia Soare has been on the forefront of brow grooming for quite a long time now with her brand on the rise, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and has been put into the spotlight this year, 2014 has really seen Anastasia's brand grow and rightly so her products are phenomenal.

I have tried the Brow Wiz which has a lot of hype around it on Blogs and YouTube and I also have the Dipbrow pomade which is another product with a lot of hype surrounding it. The majority of the products do have a big following, the main ones being the Brow Wiz, Dipbrow Pomade, Contour Kit and the Brow Setting Gel just to name a few.

The one I'm going to be reviewing today is the Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde. I have had this for around 2 months and have barely made a dent in it, a little goes a long way. The formulation is much like that of a mousse mixed with a wax, it keeps brows in place but is also very light and easy to manage.

I have done a "New in" type post on this product if you wish to read that first then click here. After I had finished using my Brow Wiz (read my first impressions post here) I wanted to venture more into Anastasia's other products so instead of repurchasing I bought the Dipbrow Pomade instead.

I use an angled liner brush by Barry M (see this post) to apply it. The brush is very thin so you can get really precise on your brows and the colour matches are brilliant, I have light blonde hair and the blonde shade is perfect for me, it isn't too ashy and it's not too dark for me, I'd say it's a little bit darker than traditional blonde but lighter than a light brown. 

It's waterproof, transfer proof and lasts all day, and when I say all day, I mean it - after a night out when I'm just too lazy to wipe my makeup off (I know I know big no no, i'm a scruff haha but whatever we all do it from time to time unless you're super good with that sort of thing) and it's stayed put all day and then all night through my sleep and in the morning it's usually that last man standing in terms of my makeup.

I really recommend this product to anyone looking for something to use on their brows, I'm definitely more of a cream product person when it comes to my brows over powder and pens and this product just hits the nail on the head for me.

Have you ever tried this product? Let me know in the comments!

Love Alicia x

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  1. Ive been eyeing this bad boy up for soso long!

    Charlotte //

    1. It's really good :) takes a little getting used to if you're more of a powder/pencil girl but once you crack it, it works wonders! xxxxx


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