UPDATE // Estee Lauder Double Wear stay In Place Makeup in 1C1 Cool Bone

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Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation is a best seller amongst the makeup and beauty world and it's not hard to see why. I can honestly say I whole heartedly agree with the hype around this product, it really does stand out from the crowd.

I wrote this post last year some time giving my opinions on said foundation. I recently, well not recently it was around last March, got rematched to my correct colour as the first time I got matched the lady at the counter didn't do a brilliant job and didn't account for the bright fluorescent lighting (I did't even have foundation on so what she could see was my true skin tone) and gave me a beige/tan neutral coloured foundation when I'm as pale as a ghost in real life.

So I got rematched in my local Debenhams and I'm so much happier with this colour, it is still ever so slightly too dark for me but it's not really noticeable with some good blending. The staying power of this foundation is on another level as well I've never know a foundation to stay on my skin and cover as many blemishes as this one does, I hardly need concealer, if any at all, when I wear it. The only thing I would use concealer for is to highlight my face and cover any dark circles and that's about it, it really is incredible.

The only thing that puts me off wearing it day to day is that it's so hard to get off if you don't have a waterproof makeup remover. If you're just using face wipes, forget about it, you'll need about 4 or 5 to get it off completely. That isn't really something that puts me off this foundation though, as it stays so long I know I can rely on it to keep my makeup looking flawless for the rest of the day and even night.

If I'm going on a night out or going somewhere after work I will choose this foundation over any as I know I can apply it around 10:30am and it'll still be fine at around 7:30pm all I will need to do is add a bit more setting powder and maybe top up my blush and bronzer and I'm good to go it really is phenomenal, It's hard to find flaws.

A lot of people say it's a heavy foundation but I don't really think it is, it's very high coverage and you only need  a little of it to get full coverage and it doesn't look cakey or overly matte it's quite a natural finish in my opinion.

From this update/review you can probably tell that I absolutely love this foundation, just thought I'd update you on the colour I'm using and the fact that yes, a year on, I'm still just as in love as ever.

Love Alicia x

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