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Rimmel Wonder'Full Mascara, £7.99 - Boots

Never have I once heard any person utter the words "I have too many mascaras, I don't need a new one" and I am no exception. Whilst I am beyond in love with my Benefit They're Real! mascara and am 100% committed to repurchasing it over and over, I'm not a one mascara kinda gal, I like to layer them on.

My newest addition to the stash is Rimmel's Wonder'full Mascara which Rimmel says is "The Secret Weapon to full volume without clumps. The new formula with Argan Oil feels incredibly lightweight, soft and flexible for wonder’full volume that won’t weigh you down." and to some extent yes I do agree with what they say.

The mascara comes in a lovely bronze, mirrored tube with black writing across it and looks quite luxurious apart from the fact its a little bulky but most drugstore mascaras (looking at you Maybelline) do come in quite a thick tube so this didn't really put me off.

The mascara is supposed to have Argan Oil in its formula which makes it lightweight and smooth feeling without making your curled lashes drop down and lose the nice curvy lashes that we like. I find this is true, the formula is very smooth, lightweight and actually quite pleasant to work with but I'm not sure whether it's down to Argan Oil, maybe its just me being pessimistic but that seems just a gimmicky selling point to me as everyone is going crazy over the oil at the moment so they may have just used this to boost sales.

The formula is very wet so you do have to be careful as it takes a minute or two to completely dry and you don't want to blink, or sneeze god forbid, and have it go all over your face, if this does happen to you, let the mascara dry and then wipe it away with a tissue or a Q-tip/cotton bud. 

Volume wise, I didn't notice anything major, it was a nice mascara and didn't clump up my lashes and once it's began to get a little dry you can go over it for lengthier lashes which is a plus but I always use my Estee Lauder mascara over this one to achieve volume as this mascara just doesn't take it up to a 10 for me where volume is concerned.

A good thing to note is if you, like me, have lashes that reach the skin under your brow and you often get little black dots where the mascara has transferred, this mascara doesn't do that which I am very impressed with as when using other mascaras I always come out of work with little dots underneath my brows looking like I didn't wipe away stray mascara which is a nightmare!

Overall this mascara isn't bad for £7.99! It's not groundbreaking and something I will go back and buy again and again but I can see myself re-buying if I was just in store looking around for a mascara to quickly pick up!

What do you think of this product? Let me know in the comments below :)

Love Alicia x

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