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Benefit Hoola Bronzer 8g/0.28oz, £23.50 - Debenhams

Everyone and their dog has Hoola by Benefit and I've wanted to jump on the band wagon for the longest time and now I finally have, but what do I think of it?

Hoola comes in a cute little box complete with a Hawaiian decorated theme. Once opened the first things you see are a little brush with a wooden handle to apply the bronzer and a little mirror, perfect for on the go makeup. Underneath the brush lies the product.

On the skin Hoola is a true brown colour with a "rose tint" according to benefit themselves. I haven't yet experienced this but I also haven't experienced any orange-y looking tints to my face so, so far so good!

The powder itself is really easy to blend, I have had a few mishaps where I've not tapped the excess off and then I've ended up with a but bronzed patch where my brush has first made contact with my fact but a little extra time with my Real Techniques Blush brush blending away solves all though problems. As you can see from the picture above (excuse my blemishes, this photo was taken after a day of work!) I have only used this bronzer to give myself some colour, I haven't yet contoured with it but from the colour payoff and the many rave reviews I have read, I feel like it will fair pretty brilliantly as a contour as well.

I really like this powder and I am glad I bought it, the only thing I'm not so chuffed about is the price. I think £23.50 is really expensive for a bronzing powder, especially when my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation is only £28. So when this is all used up I would definitely like another one but whether my purse and my conscious will allow it is another thing, lets just hope I've been goo with my money and it runs out precisely on payday!

What do you think of this bronzer? Let me know in the comments!

Love Alicia x

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