Sunday Summary #20

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Here we are, it's Sunday again, time for another weekly summary. I've no idea where the weeks go but the seem to going ridiculously fast this year, I can barely keep track of the date any more. Anywho I'll get on to letting you know how my week went...

Autumn is well and truly here, the days are so cold now! I've been going into my boyfriends work with him and he works in a warehouse at National Caravan Breakers in North Wales and it's always so cold in the warehouse and I've really been noticing the change in the weather. Luckily they have  little office there that I can sit in and it has a heater so it's a win for me! I tend to sit in the office anyway just so I don't distract anyone from their work but it's given me something to do whilst I have a few weeks off work! Definitely stocking up on some fluffy socks and jumpers on pay day though!

Social Networking has been at the forefront of my mind this week and I've been trying to use it more in order to promote my blog, this week coming I have a post coming up on where you can find me on other social platforms so if you're interested that's going up on Wednesday 22nd. I've been really lacking in terms of social promotion of my blog but since I've been trying to keep on top of it I've been seeing more readers and interest in my blog which is always nice!

Makeup I've really been trying to do different and interesting things with my makeup, since I've start my Makeup Mondays posts. I don't want to post the same old look every week otherwise there just wouldn't be any point in posting them as they'd be boring and monotonous. I have been experimenting with a few new and a few old products and I've rediscovered some old products which I bought and never used so this Makeup Mondays really is helping me rediscover my collection and I'm pretty chuffed with that!

Love Alicia x

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